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‘Billing is sorted’ for Telco resellers

Spark New Zealand‘Billing is sorted’ for Telco resellers

Spark New Zealand – formerly Telecom New Zealand – has partnered with Datagate to offer its Telco partners a ready-made billing, rating and presentation system.

Spark-Wholesale-RGB-Purple-Stacked-logo-200Spark Wholesale has accelerated growth in its Wholesale SIP Trunking (VoIP) proposition by taking billing hassles away from its Telco reseller channel, says Andrew Healey, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand.

“Many of Spark Wholesale’s resellers come from a background of selling IT systems, PABX systems and telephone handsets. These were generally one-off sales.  Adding voice calling and network connectivity as part of their solution enables them to build an annuity (or monthly) revenue stream - one that provides ‘customer stickiness’.

“This is an attractive proposition to our resellers, but voice calls are extremely complex to rate and bill,” Healey says.

“The biggest Telcos have their own billing systems. Anyone who doesn’t have that infrastructure needs Datagate.”

Call data includes time of day, call distance, whether a call is local or international and call duration. Once a reseller has provided consent, Datagate pulls usage data out of Spark’s systems many times each day, deciphering codes and making sense of the complex data stream.

These Call Detail Records (CDRs) include all of the information required to rate, bill and provide analytics to the end customer. Customers can analyse calls to suit their own performance indicators. Common metrics include analysis by cost centre, who makes the most calls and which numbers are called most often.

“We partnered with Datagate to build the prototype. Now we say to our resellers: ‘Buy the minutes off us. Go to Datagate to rate, price and bill the minutes’,” says Healey.

We have Datagate on our sales collateral as a key benefit for resellers. We say ‘Billing is sorted’.”

Andrew Healey, Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Spark New Zealand

Resellers can present a bill as an emailed PDF, a hard copy or via an online portal. Everything is white labelled, so it all carries the reseller’s own branding. 

“Datagate has been a critical success factor for Spark Wholesale’s VoIP (SIP Trunking) proposition. We have a number of future services on our roadmap and Datagate will be able to pull these services into that single bill,” Healey says.

“Resellers can also add any other usage-based services, such as electricity, to their bill. The world’s your oyster with regard to what you put through there.”

By taking the hassle out of providing calling, Spark Wholesale adds ‘substantial’ value to its Telco partners, Healey says.

“Datagate is a strategic partnership for my value proposition. It’s been key to our success and our partnership has grown over time. We have Datagate on our sales collateral as a key benefit. We say ‘Billing is sorted’. That is enabled through Datagate. Datagate brings meaning to complex data.

“We recommend Datagate to all resellers that require a billing, rating or presentation system. Datagate is our chosen partner to provide that element to our resellers. If we didn’t have Datagate a lot of our resellers would be struggling.”

About Spark New Zealand

Spark New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest digital services company delivering mobile, fixed and IT products and services to millions of New Zealand consumers and businesses. Fully privatised since 1990, Spark New Zealand is listed on the NZX and ASX stock exchanges. Spark is a multi-brand business, with specialist and flanking brands include Skinny (consumer mobile), Revera, CCL and Appserv (data hosting services), Lightbox (internet TV), Qrious (data analytics), and Bigpipe (consumer broadband). In-house incubator, Spark Ventures, is responsible for developing other new business opportunities.



Spark Wholesale partners exclusively with Datagate to provide a ready-made billing, rating and presentation system for its SIP Trunking (VoIP) partner channel. White labelling sees each reseller brand the system as its own. Spark’s resellers can also add any other usage-based services, such as electricity or helpdesk services, to their bill.

Spark sees Datagate as critical to the success of its Wholesale SIP Trunking proposition. By taking billing and presentation hassles away from its resellers, Spark has achieved its reseller growth forecasts and opened new channels to the market. Spark has Datagate on its sales collateral as a key benefit, using the phrase ‘Billing is sorted’. It recommends Datagate to all resellers that require a billing, rating or presentation system. Spark has plans to add new service lines to Datagate. This will take little effort. 

Business benefits

  • ‘Billing is sorted’ for Telco reseller channel
  • Resellers apply their own branding
  • Resellers can add any other usage-based service to their bill
  • Customised analysis for end customers of spend and consumption
  • Hard copy or online bills

Key outcomes

  • Forecasts achieved for reseller growth
  • Opens up a new reseller channel
  • Competitive advantage for Spark Wholesale
  • Small effort to add new service lines

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